Thursday, 8 November 2012

Second AVALANCHE!!!!

Straight after the International Alternative Press Festival Round 2 we hooked up a table at the Feminist Zine Fair. 
It was incredibly busy... we got alot of love and appreciation for our handmade books which all of us were well :-D about.. 

Pussy Riots girls: 

Amazing Charlotte Cullen....her table quickly sold out! Best known for her Project:BABE

A zine bought from one of the tables by

And a glimpse of our little table and a sneak preview of a little/big project we've been working on on the side.... More info and grand opening of this to come very very soon! 

Much love everyone!!!!


GOOD LORD!!! Its been over 3 months of no Walrus Posts!!!
But this does not mean we have been idle!
NO! Quite the Contrary!
We have been super duper busy!

And here is an update of what we've been doing :-)


The last you heard we were preparing for the 2nd International Alternative Press Fair.  It was amazing. Like totally. We made books with we made felt with the amazing Ceri May and we bought LOADS of zines! (well enough for our pockets to allow! ) My favouritest stuff was by awesome Illustrator Jamie Mills: His work is beautiful, provocative, delicate and just pure incredible...and cheap...which is the best bit..and the best thing about events like IAPF!

Heres some little things we made... books and felt flowers...

Heres Jamie Mills beautiful treehouse business card: 

A page from The incredible Zine In A Day project by the Alt Press Team printed by the awesome

And Here is another snippet of a zine we picked up from Mike Medaglia. You might have met him at the counter of Gosh Comics. 

End of First Avalanche! Thanks for Reading :-)