Social Notworking

Dr. Von Schnieder's earlier pioneering studies on Bebo and other reunion websites have been the subject of fierce debate, winning him much acclaim in social science circles. In his newest study 'Social Notworking' Dr. Von Schneider ventures bravely into new territory taking a serious look, for the first time, into the root causes and effects of the emerging Social Network Syndrome (SNS).

Talk to the Scarf 

A zine about head scarves and their various excellent properties, includes a tribute poem and FAQ.

The Nervous Valiant Knight 

A short story about a knight who has trouble adjusting to modern life.


Two frogs get stuck in a deep deep hole. This is an old folk tale, i thought it was potentially life saving so i dedicated some time to illustrating it and printing it and putting it in a shop for people to read. The sketches are rather appalling but i feel like they somehow go with the momentum of the story?